UN should fulfill its obligations vis-à-vis Kashmir issue: Shabir Shah


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Hurriyat Conference Jammu Kashmir (HCJK) leader and chairman Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Shabir Ahmad Shah Saturday said India cannot mislead the world community, with regards to Kashmir issue for long, and it has to resolve this long pending issue of the subcontinent sooner or later.

Shah was addressing a meeting at Freedom Party headquarters which was attended by all party representatives and activists. The meeting was called in connection with the resolution passed in United Nations on January 5, 1949.

Shah said the United Nations resolutions provide a strong base for the solution of Kashmir dispute but despite the passing of 18 resolutions till date, the issue continues to remain unresolved “due to the stubborn approach of India.”

He said Kashmir stands on top of United Nations’ agendas and the resolutions passed in this regard have been signed by all the world nations including the prime parties – India and Pakistan. “It’s India which reneged from its promises and exhibits obdurate attitude with regards to resolving the long standing dispute of the world.”

Stressing upon United Nations to fulfill its responsibility by providing justice to oppressed nations of the world including Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya and other nations, Shah said all the oppressed and subjugated nations have pinned their good hopes on this institution that it may provide justice to them.

“Now, UN should pace up its endeavours in this regard and fulfill its responsibility and moral obligation towards its subjects. If UN will not act now, the already disintegrated and hostile world will get pushed to further chaos, confusion and hostility,” Shah said.

DFP chairman said that Kashmir never was a part of India which “annexed this territory through military invasion soon after the partition of the subcontinent”. “Since then,” he said, “it (India) has been violating our basic rights under the arrogance of power.”

Commenting on the Indo-Pak dialogue process, Shah said we never were against the talks to resolve the Kashmir issue but “sidelining the basic party to this dispute i.e. Kashmiris is unacceptable and without their participation the issue can never be resolved.” “The issue can only be resolved through tripartite dialogue or UN resolutions. India should respond positively to the dialogue process initiated time and again by Pakistan, to resolve the Kashmir issue, for the better interest of the peace in subcontinent,” Shah said.

Shah also commented on the recently concluded elections in the state and said the “so-called elections which were conducted under the presence of 8 lakh forces is the biggest joke of the century.” “India should conduct free and fair referendum in the state and whatever the results will be, we’ll accept that wholeheartedly,” Shah said and reiterated his pledge that the struggle for freedom will continue.


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