UN, World Powers Show Dual Standards on Kashmir: Salah-Ud-Din

KL Report


United Jihad Council (UJC) chief and Hizb-Ul-Muajhideen supremo Syed Salah-ud-Din Sunday said though United Nations resolutions on Kashmir issue were still relevant, to break New Delhi’s “stubborn approach” and to solve the Kashmir “armed struggle will continue.”

In an e-mailed statement to KNS, UJC spokesman Syed Sadaqat Hussain quoting Salah-ud-Din’s address to a high level meeting of UJC leadership in Muzaffarabad, said, “In the last 66 years Indian forces have made the lives of Kashmiris hell and have martyred more than five lakh people, rendered lakhs homeless and buried thousands in nameless graves. The spree of killings and destruction continues till date.”

Expressing surprise and regret over the silence of UN, he said, “People of South Sudan, East Timor and Scotland have been given their right due to UN intervention but 1.30 crore people of Jammu and Kashmir are being denied their birth right and UN is silent over it. The UN and world power are showing dual standards on Kashmir which is unfortunate.”

The UJC chief vowed that only resolution and talks can’t give Kashmiris right to self determination and “full fledged armed struggle has become inevitable to achieve it.” “New Delhi doesn’t understand the language of peace and it has made whole Kashmir a jail to strengthen its occupation. Every day in the name of tunnels and trains it is strengthening its occupation.”

“But unfortunately some people were still repeating that so-called talks can solve the issue,” Salah-Ud-Din added.

He appealed Pakistani people and its leadership to support Kashmiris and “not get influenced by New Delhi’s so-called bilateral talks rhetoric.”


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