Joining Congress or NC: Can We Solve Issues Which are in Union Domain, asks PDP


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As suspense over the formation of new government continued in Jammu and Kashmir for the 13th consecutive day, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Sunday dropped hints that it could go with BJP for the formation of stable government but without compromising on the party’s stated position.

PDP chief spokesperson Nayeem Akhtar told KNS that if only government formation would have been an issue they could have aligned with any party be Congress, BJP or even National Conference.

“But the question is if we go with Congress or NC can we solve the issues which are in the domain of central government.”

Elaborating he said, “Reconciliation, dialogue, cross LoC trade, revocation of AFSPA and return of power projects are some of the basic issues which PDP has promised to people of the state they will full fill once we come to power. We could have forgotten what NC and Congress did with people of the state in last six year and in-spite of their defeat we could have formed alliance with them. But is it possible to solve these issues if we go with Congress and NC.”

“Can we get back even one power project from the centre if we go with NC or Congress,” Akhtar asked.

He said rehabilitation of flood victims needs Rs 50 thousand crore. “Can we get it if we go with NC or Congress,” he added.

However, the PDP chief spokesperson asserted that his party will never make any compromise with regional aspirations. “We won’t make any compromise with interests of people of the state at any cost. On prestige and dignity we won’t make any compromise,” he vowed.

Akhtar said that informal contacts on government formation with BJP were on.

“But I can’t say when and if formal talks will start. Government formation isn’t an issue but we have to see whether we can deliver after the formation of the government,” he added.


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