Unable to Act

Every time things go wrong in Kashmir the young and dynamic chief minister of the state looks helplessly towards New Delhi for solution and advice. This year, on more than one occasion, Omar Abdullah presented a sorry figure by venting his anger over civilian killings in the valley on micro blogging site twitter only instead of acting as a strong man and taking charge of the situation. Be it recent reign of communal violence against a particular community in Kishtwar and Jammu or killing in Gool in mountainous Ramban district last month or civilian killings in Markundal-Sumbal, Omar Abdullah looked dejectedly helpless.

In his speech during 67th Indian Independence Day function at Bakshi Stadium in Srinagar, Omar Abdullah blamed communal elements for fanning fire in Kishtwar. He blamed BJP and right wingers for instigating communal passions in Kashmir. Omar in his emotionally charged speech attacked BJP for trying to create a replica of 2008 situation in Kashmir to gain political grounds in upcoming elections. He also accused Jammu BJP for smuggling goons into the state to create communal tensions. He wasted no energy in keeping net savvy critics at bay by tweeting his feeling and desperation on regular intervals. At the end of the day, Omar is a content man who has successfully discharged his duty!

But people in Kashmir expected him to act at least once before his popularity is put to test next year in upcoming state assembly elections. By his speech at the Bakshi stadium it is clear that Omar is aware of the force behind present communal clashes in Kishtwar district and Jammu region.

What is stopping from acting this force is not clear. Being an elected head of the state, Omar should use his powers and bring people behind Kishtwar crisis to justice rather than tweeting his anger like a commoner. This will at least help him restore people’s faith in state administration which they otherwise view as anti-people. He could have at least acted tough against goons who were transported to Kashmir by BJP and its allies for creating mayhem.

It has become a routine for New Delhi based politicians to act as advisors whenever a crisis like situation erupts in Kashmir. Rather than telling such people to shut up and mind their own business, Omar wastes his precious time in obliging these outsiders who have their own interests in Kashmir.

No doubt Omar faced one of the toughest five years of his short political career during his tenure as chief minister of Kashmir but he has hardly anything worth mention to take home at the end of the day.

His list of achievements is long shadowed by his silence and helplessness that he has maintained in last five years. Time is slipping fast as elections are just round the corner and with record like Omar it is not going to be an easy day for him.



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