Unemployment Rate In J&K Touching New Heights: Sagar

SRINAGAR: National Conference on Thursday said the government has miserably failed to tackle the burgeoning unemployment in Jammu and Kashmir, saying the bravado created by the government on job extravaganza in J&K has turned out to be mere jugglery of words.

While interacting with scores of unemployed youth at party headquarters Nawa-e-Subha in Srinagar, General Secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar said that unemployment is at all-time high in J&K and the government on its part is clueless.

While ruing the failure of the government to tackle with the increasing unemployment rate in J&K, Sagar said.

“Not to talk about the special employment drives, the government has failed to ensure a swift recruitment process in the government sector, the entire process is marred by ineffectiveness,” he said.

“Besides ensuring swift recruitment in PSCs and SSB, special employment drives were conducted during the Omar Abdullah led government. It included various youth-oriented schemes which gave a boost to entrepreneurship in J&K. Various flagship schemes were introduced to ensure spaces to youth of J&K to pursue their vocation. Such measures had reprieved young educated youth from anxiety and stress. In addition to that various skills development initiatives were launched to enhance the employability of our youth,” he added.

“Save for creating false clamor, the incumbent government in J&K and center has done nothing substantial to ease the suffering of our youth, who regrettably are taking to substance use and drug addiction in the wake of closing avenues of employment in J&K. The burning issue of unemployment has been further compounded by previous clampdown and the successive lockdown on account of declining tourism activities and other private sector activities. The educated youth of J&K see no light at the end of the tunnel, the government has left them to fend for themselves,” he said.

Far from creating more job avenues and delivering on its promise of coming up with an employment extravaganza in J&K, the government, he rued has shown the door to thousands of already employed youth, terminating SHGs being a point in case. The administration he said has also failed to redress the issues of pay anomaly and regularization of contractual, need-based and daily wagers employees.  The government, he said, has turned volt face to the woes of our youth and has prioritized issuing of Domicile certificates only.

“The unemployment has reached alarming levels in J&K. Contrary to the promise of fast-tracking of the filling of 80,000 posts in various departments, nothing practical has been done on the ground. Government has miserably failed to devise a strategy to cope up with the fall of previous year’s clampdown and prevailing COVID-19 induced lockdown. Nothing substantial was done by the government to people associated with handicrafts, tourism, horticulture, transport sectors to tide over the losses suffered by them since august 5th 2019. The unemployed youth have been pushed to the wall,” he said.


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