Unemployment, Social Media Motivate Youth to Pick Up Arms: DGP



Stating that lack of proper employment opportunities, romanticism associated with militancy and the social media was playing a key role in motivating Kashmiri youth to join militant ranks; Director General of Police K Rajendra Tuesday said the appropriate strategy is being adopted to reverse the trend at the earliest.

He said as part of the reach-out-to-people strategy, J&K police were able to convince about 50 youth, who had joined militancy, to come back.

“Young boys joining militancy is a cause of concern for us. We are looking into the reasons that motivate youth, both educated and illiterate, to pick up arms,” Rajendra told KNS in an exclusive phone-in interview.

He added: “Apparently it seems lack of proper employment avenues, romanticism associated with militancy and the role social media plays in glorification of militants are some key reasons for our youth joining militancy.”

The police chief, meanwhile, said that it was not only the issue of educated youth joining militancy, but there are even illiterate people joining militant ranks.

“But we have been able to bring most of them back to the normal life. Around 40-50 young boys who were lured to militancy have come back, and doing their normal life,” he said.

Rajendra added that both police and civil administration were taking appropriate measures to seize the trend of young boys getting lured towards militancy. “As part of the strategy, we are reaching out to the parents of the boys who have militancy, motivating and convincing them to bring their wards back. And we are successful in this strategy to a large extent,” he said.

He added that government too was concerned about the issue, and various political establishments too were reaching people directly in this regard.

“Recruitments in police and other services are coming up to engage in youth in developmental activities. Besides we have launched social-action programme to engage youth in various recreational and sports activities,” he said.

“Situation is under control,” he added.

On infiltration, he said attempts were being made by militants to sneak in. “But forces on borders are vigilant to thwart such attempts,” he said.


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