Unfortunate to see our academicians insulted on roadside: KUTA

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Prof Khurshid Iqbal Andrabi
Prof Khurshid Iqbal Andrabi

Kashmir University Teachers Association (KUTA) Sunday condemned the incident at Udhampur where varsity’s Vice Chancellor Professor Khursheed Iqbal Andrabi was “disrespected and ill treated by an officer of J&K police.”

“It is highly deplorable that a person of professor Andarbi’s caliber, who is not only the Vice-Chancellor of State’s biggest University, but an acclaimed academician of the state is treated with absolute disrespect and disregard,” said the spokesman of KUTA in a statement.

“The officer in uniform, in a brazen violation of the Y security status protocol kept Professor Andrabi waiting on the roadside for a long time even when professor Andrabi introduced himself to the officer. In a brazen violation of Y security status protocol, which the officer should have been aware of, started scrutinizing all the documents pertaining to the vehicle,” he added.

KUTA according to the spokesman condemns such acts of “machoism by the officer, committed in the name of law.” He further added that “academicians throughout the world are accorded highest respect but it is very unfortunate that in our own soil, they are insulted on roadsides.  This act tantamount to insulting the whole academic fraternity of the state.”

KUTA has demanded a thorough time-bound probe into the matter, strict action against the erring officer and an unconditional apology especially in the backdrop of the ulterior motivation to have all the media personnel in place waiting to stop the vehicle and insult Professor Andrabi before camera.

“Also it is for the top brass of police to explain how the officer is flaunting the unlawful act on his facebook page with absolute disregard to the honor of professor Andrabi. Such acts of machoism and tomboyishness committed by officers in uniform bring disrepute to whole organization and as such should be given no leeway to thrive by the authorities,” read the statement.

The teaching community of the state is agitated over the issue and if no concrete action is taken over the issue, the onus of responsibility will lie on the shoulders of state administration, the association warned.




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