UNHRC has failed, says Geelani, ‘prefers silence while Kashmir burns’

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Octogenarian Hurriyat Patriarch Syed ALi Geelani
Octogenarian Hurriyat Patriarch Syed Ali Geelani

Established in 1948, to safeguard the individual and collective human rights throughout the world, UNHRC was to ensure global peace and tranquillity, but unfortunately it has failed to uphold its own slogan, Hurriyat patriarch Syed Ali Geelani said in a statement issued today.

He said that humans have inherent rights of dignity and worth which existed even before the laws and humans should not be taken as the property and commodity of the state and denying its rights accounts to the denial of its existence.

He said that place, where people are being oppressed and subjugated in the name of colour, creed, cast and religion should be the centre of focus and attention as injustice to a single human is a threat to the whole humanity.

“Like every year human rights day is being celebrated this year as well. Seminars and programs will be held across the globe, where thundering speeches, colorful cultural activities and belly services will be held on large scale enforcing and harassing weaker sections of subjugated people.”

Geelani said that looking around the globe, peace is hard to find, people are being massacred and crushed like petty miniatures and the pictures of blood bath in the media are horrifying.

He said that most of these conflicts involve a particular faith i.e. Muslims, where big powers trade blood for oil.

“They establish and empower their financial assets by setting the war-fears and other ammunition to bombard the civilian population just to satisfy and serve their personnel egos. In Middle East, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Palestine is presenting a deserted look. Their towns and cities have been converted into rubble.”

The Hurriyat patriarch said, Hundreds of Rohingia Muslims are being burned alive and thousands are forced to leave their homeland. But world champions of peace and human rights voices are mute.

“They are comatose and unmoved but still celebrate the human rights day on 10th December each year.”

Geelani said that in India too, hundreds of seminars and symposiums will be held throughout the country, worst enemies of humanities and human blood suckers will be distinguished in such events, but so-called world’s largest “democracy” has forcibly occupied our unfortunate land and has deprived us from our religious, Political and social rights for last 7 decades.

He said that India doesn’t respect and honour the promises of their own political godfathers and force the whole population to humiliating subjugation.

“Any voice against this brute occupation is crushed with heavy military might to create a graveyard like silence.”

Geelani said that peace, prosperity and development may lure the innocent people but where there is no justice, there can be no peace and where there is no peace, talking of development is a foolish and mindless assertion.

“Last five months devastated the whole valley. Our social, human and even religious rights were crushed under heavy boots. Blood bath and horrifying armed calm down was displayed with impunity, blinding and crippling our youth to maximum. Kids, elderly and youth were roughed up for participating in peaceful protests to establish deceitful and illusionary normalcy. But the state human rights commission was hibernating under anesthesia.”

“Dance of death was taking place under its nose but it turned deaf and dumb. Drawing hefty salaries, playing the shield of killers, they too are all set to celebrate and organise the 10th December day just to feed their unsatiated bellies, Geelani said, “Oppressed people have and use every means to strengthen their movement, catalyse their vigour and enhance their zeal for freedom and our nation has all the ingredients to do so in near future.”


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