March towards UN on Saturday: Mirwaiz Umar

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Photo by Bilal Bhadur
Photo by Bilal Bhadur

Asking people to march towards UNMOGIP office in Srinagar on Saturday, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq while giving details about the Joint Resistance programme on December 10, said they have prepared a memorandum regarding the human rights situation in Kashmir. “The memorandum will be presented to UN office in Srinagar.”

Mirwaiz asked people to offer afternoon prayers at Jamia Masjid following which the people will move in congregation towards UN office to register protest and present the memorandum.

Mirwaiz said that it is now for the world community to stand up to the people of Kashmir. “The world community should prove that don’t just endorse principles of justice and human rights verbally. They should ensure its practical implementation world over.”

“On the occasion of UN Human Rights Declaration day, for the people of Kashmir these declarations sound hollow and meaningless as they continue to suffer unabated human right abuses,” Mirwaiz said while addressing a Friday congregation in Jamia Masjid Srinagar.

“In the world laws are enacted to protect and defend people. But in Kashmir laws give a legal cover to authorities to attack and harm people,” he said, “Laws like AFSPA, PSA and Disturbed Areas Act are in place to ensure that those persecuting people are legally protected. It is a travesty of the legal system.”

Mirwaiz said that slogan chosen for upcoming UNHRD day on Dec 10, ‘Stand up for someone’s right’ will hold true only when the world will stand up and lend support for the human and political rights of people of Kashmir.

While castigating the ruling PDP-BJP collation for “enacting a drama” of releasing him from house arrest on Friday, said, “The authorities imposed severe restrictions around Jamia Masjid to discourage people from going there in order to avoid the stigma of curbing people’s religious rights and give an impression of so called ‘normalcy’,” Mirwaiz said in a statement issued here.

Terming it a shameless hypocrisy Mirwaiz said, “Such deceptive tactics to hoodwink people and avoid international censure further expose the bankruptcy of the regime.”

Addressing the Friday congregation in Jamia Masjid, Mirwaiz said, “Our rights and liberties as individuals and as a nation cease to exist. We are held captive in our own homeland. This has been converted into a vast prison by the will of a mighty military ruling over us.”

“What is most worrying and painful is that our young generation is systematically and in a planned manner being eliminated,” Mirwaiz said while referring to the Arwani encounter. “The grief this inflicts upon us can’t be expressed in words.”

“The oppression of this mighty military power with local collaborators has pushed us to the wall and forced some among our sensitive and valiant youth to take to the path of military retaliation as a means of resisting subjugation,” reads the press statement.

Mirwaiz said that the people of the valley especially the youth are facing “extreme suppression”.

“It is a choice between the devil and deep sea, either they get killed as protests or they are killed as armed fighters and either we are losing our future generation to the brutality of Indian forces,” he said.

Meanwhile, APHC spokesman in the statement has strongly condemned the continued house detention of Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Advocate Shahid ul Islam and other resistance leaders.

The spokesman also condemned the arrest spree of youth across the valley. He said such aggressive tactics will never weaken the sentiment of the people of Kashmir for freedom.


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