Union Territory Status To Ladakh Aimed To Divide JK: Geelani

KL Report


Chairman of Hurriyat Conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani on Wednesday said that allocation of more powers to Ladakh Hill Council is a step forward to divide Jammu and Kashmir.

While lashing out at the New Delhi and state administration, the octogenarian leader said that they have formulated a long term strategy “to wipe the identity of Kashmir.”

While commenting over allocation of more powers and plan to set a separate police range for Ladakh, he said that Delhi has formally launched a plan to divide Jammu and Kashmir and for this purpose they are virtually declaring Ladakh as their Union territory.

“For the same purpose they have left the Valley at the mercy of forces while as on other hand Communal forces in Jammu are being given a free hand,” he said, adding, “India for its sinister designs and to establish a multicultural society, millions of non-state subject  workers, artisans and other groups  of people are continuously  being pushed in Valley.”

He said India wants to mislead international community and “for this purpose, is hell-bent to change genuine status of state.”

“Delhi instead of accepting Kashmir as a political and humanitarian issue is striving to portray it as sectarian, culture and linguistic strife and for this purpose they are working on a plan to create anarchy through issues like religion, culture, language and nationality,” he said, adding, “Since centuries Kashmir is a geographical unity and People of different faiths and nationalities come to live together on the basis of brotherhood, and  established praiseworthy instances even in worst times.”  While referring to history, Geelani said that Gulab Singh purchased the Kashmir from the British, included three regions. “Even when India occupied the state by force, the three regions and the geographical unity existed there.”

He said that Kashmir issue has been recognized by United Nations and at the time of referendum the viewpoint of all people from all the three regions will be taken into consideration.

Geelani said the state is a geographical unity and combination of two different nationalities are facts and play a key role but policymakers in Delhi are adamant to manipulate and  portray it as communal issue between Hindus, Muslim and Buddhists. “The proposed Ladakh bill for devolution of powers is gradual plan and they will continue with their plans in future too,” he said, according to KNS.

He expressed his deep concern that authorities are acting as “stooges and in order to save his chair Omer Abdullah is obeying the orders with folded eyes.”


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