“Security Agencies Maligning Our Mujhaid”

KL Report


Militant outfit Hizbul Mujhadeen (HM) Wednesday reiterated that the threatening posters appearing in different parts of South Kashmir repeatedly have nothing to do with the outfit.

Hizbul Mujhadeen Operational Spokesperson, Baleeg-u-Din told CNS on phone that dozens of posters attributed to HM are appearing in different parts of South Kashmir especially in district Islamabad. “We have nothing to do with these posters. We have a militant in our organization by name of Major Saqib but he is not a District Commander and security agencies are maligning his image by pasting these threatening posters.

Pertinently, threatening posters on HM letter pads had appeared in various parts of South Kashmir. Some thirty-three people were warned of dire consequences in case they did not mend their ways. One Major Saqib had warned people through these posters to stay away from policemen.


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