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In the intricate streets of old Srinagar’s Narwara area, the clang of copper hammering leads to an archaic house of Mohammad Amin Nadaf, a copper smith and proud father of Waseem Nadaf, a young innovator who has designed some interesting things.  ABDUL WAJID and ABID RASHID BABA visited the young innovator’s place to collect the awe-inspiring facts.

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Waseem Nadaf
Waseem Nadaf

It is not difficult to locate Waseem’s house in old city’s Narwara area. He is a known face and his innovations have won him accolades from the entire neighborhood. When we asked a shopkeeper, Mohammed Ramzan, for directions to Waseem’s house, he said, “Waseem is a brilliant lad of our locality. Everyone knows him and respects him for his creativity. These days, he is quite wanted by the media persons for his talent.”

Waseem, 14, a student of Class 9 at Sheik-ul-Alam Public Model School in Narwara, was dismayed with the worsening power situation in the valley. Blessed with a tech-savvy brain, he took a bold leap and utilized his creativity to look for an alternate solution. “I know how the entire valley faces harsh winters when the power supply is erratic. I wanted to do something about this” says Waseem.

With power inverters already in the market, Waseem designed a special inverter that is cost effective and energy efficient. “I designed this inverter so that people can get respite from constant power cuts,” he told Kashmir life, adding, “Led lights are connected to it and you only need to charge it for 30 minutes and it provides power backup of 30 hours.” Besides, with six-watt capacity battery, the inverter provides 230 volt AC output with which five mobiles can be charged simultaneously. “Using a high watt battery can enhance the performance of this inverter,” he says.

Waseem’s modest room, which he uses for his studies and experiments, is decorated with his awards and innovative products.  The room-turned-lab is full of books, equipments and drawings and Waseem spends most of his time here. Besides an inverter, Waseem has also designed a color mixer, centrifugal machine and filter water bottle. “The color mixer helps in mixing colors and grinding of small tablets, eggs, etc. I have also designed a unique water purification bottle that can be used by laborers, patients, students and tourists,” he told Kashmir life.

“I have also designed a small fan that can run for three hours on being charged for ten minutes. I am also working on a machine for artisans that will help them to windup the weaving thread more efficiently.” He uses the tag “Unique Waseem” for all his inventions, “I consider all my products unique. Hence I name them so.”

Waseem showed interest in electrical equipments right from the age of five. “He used to mess up the electronic things right from his early childhood. I even scolded him but then I realized his interest in modifying things,” his father Mohammad Amin Nadaf, said. Although he was supported by his family, Waseem faced a number of difficulties.  “I and my wife used to beat him for breaking toys and other equipments but I was unaware about it. Now I feel sorry for my mistake,” he said. “We never run short of electricity as my son has taken care of that. I am feeling lucky over other women now,” his mother added.

Although Waseem was least interested in sports, he is doing well academically. “He is bright student, a star of my class,” says his science teacher, Nuzhat Mudassir. Principal of his school, Peer Sultana says, “It is my privilege that he is the student of my school.” Waseem is proving to be a role model for his classmates. His schoolmate, Mehvish Siddiq, says, “He is an inspiration for all of us.”

Waseem is a frequent visitor at Kashmir University’s Science and Instrumentation Center where he interacts with the researchers and other innovators from the valley.  His three projects have been recognized by the National Innovation Foundation, a National body governing the new innovations. “I displayed my innovations at SKICC, University of Kashmir and recently at Ahad Zargar Memorial Research Foundation. I also received an award from Divisional Commissioner, Asgar Samoon,” he says.

Waseem is aghast at the attitude of Social Welfare Department who allegedly deceived him in the name of scholarship.  “If there are no resources in this state for innovators then how will they grow? A number of politicians, bureaucrats and physicists were surprised after watching my son’s work. A team of scientists from Bombay and Kolkata were similarly surprised,” his father says.

Waseem is presently working on two new projects of a generator and a solar inverter. “I have prepared thesis for this project but due to limited financial resources I am not able to execute my plans. A coppersmith’s son cannot afford costly apparatus”, he says with disappointment.


  1. hello Waseem,I watched ur innovations in a show.I was completely awestruck after i saw ur inverter.I know it is profoundly stupid of me to ask this question but as i am so into ur innovation i cant stop myself.Actually,I am from mumbai and currently studying in class 11.I have taken part in a science exhibition known as teeworld.
    I want a little favour from you that is i want to know how exactly you made the inverter and what apparatus u used IF IT IS OKAY WITH U.I hope u will consider this humble request.


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