Unless Kashmiri Pandits don’t intend to return, no packages can get them back: Er Rasheed


Urging migrant Kashmiri Pandits not to treat majority community as their enemy, AIP president Er Rasheed has reiterated that the majority community has always welcomed the return of migrant Pandits.

While interacting with Kashmiri Pandits at Tulmulla today on the occasion of Kheer Bhawani festival, Rasheed accused successive central Governments of using migrant Kashmiri Pandits as a tool to defame Kashmiri Muslims and to justify their unrealistic Kashmir policy. Rasheed said “unless Kashmiri Pandits don’t show the proper will and intend to return to their native places, no packages can get them back to their native places. Kashmir dispute is a political dispute and from Geelani Sahab, to every Kashmiri, the majority community treats Kashmiri Pandits as part and parcel of the identity of Kashmir”.

Rasheed urged Kashmiri Migrant Pandits not to forget the fact that the majority community in the valley has suffered much during past 30 years and every Kashmiri cutting across religious, ethnic or regional affiliations must contribute for the resolution of Kashmir issue so that sustainable and durable peace is restored in the entire region.

Talking to media persons on the occasion Rasheed urged national media and national political parties not to create a wedge between Kashmiri Pandits and the majority community. Rasheed said while Kashmiri Muslims need to recognize the sufferings of Kashmiri Pandits, it is need of the hour that New Delhi gives up its agenda of using a small section of Elite Kashmiri Pandits to defame the majority community and distort facts regarding Kashmir dispute. Unless New Delhi too does not restrain from communizing the Kashmir issue not much will change on the ground and the two communities may continue misunderstanding each other. L

Meanwhile, Rasheed while welcoming the court decision on Kathua rape and murder case said that the court verdict is a slap on those forces who tried their best to communalize the heinous crime and even disgraced the sanctity of National Flag to protect the criminals.  Rasheed said the police officers who investigated the case deserve appreciation as despite all negative propaganda and campaign they didn’t succumb to the pressure and discharged their professional duties in accordance with the law. It is high time to take action against those who tried to polarize the situation in Jammu but people of Jammu rejected their inhuman and communal politics over a shameful incident.

Rasheed said that Government must file an appeal against the verdict seeking capital punishment for the guilty as the nature of the crime demands.


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