Unnerved By Public Hostility, NC Ministers Targeting PDP Workers : PDP

KL Report


Condemning the arrest of Er Nazir Ahmad Yatoo the general secretary of the youth wing of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) the party has demanded his immediate release and an explanation from the government for his illegal confinement.

In a statement the party chief spokesperson Naeem Akhtar said Er. Nazir Yatoo was first confined in his house at Badipora and later whisked away to the police station Chrarisharief  where he has been lodged and continued to be till the last reports. No formal case has so far been registered against Yatoo neither has he been informed formally of the reasons for his illegal arrest.

But according to reports, Er yatoo has been arrested under FIR No 137 under section 307

Terming Yatoo’s arrest as part of government  repression  Akhtar said the police is being used as an arm of the NC . He said Yatoo was being punished for the growing popularity of the PDP in the state as also in Chrarisharief  where the local MLA who is a powerful Minister has started feeling unnerved after he faced demonstrations in Kutabal Jedan where he had to face angry crowds.  According to reports the Finance Minister had to beat a retreat after he faced angry  protests in Kutabal on his visit there in the wake of the wild animal attack on the villagers which has consumed a five year old girl the other day. She was eaten up by a man eater leopard.

Akhtar said the NC ministers have been harassing PDP workers elsewhere as well and in Sonawari the local MLA and Higher Education Minister has let loose a reign of terror against PDP cadres. He said the police at the instance of the Minister has been arresting PDP workers without any reason especially after  Mr Lone faced angry demonstrations in Hajin and his native village Naidkhai . He said it has become impossible for Mr lone to move freely in his constituency  without heavy security protection because of his wrong policies. But  Lone  is trying to address this situation by using police to harass PDP rather than change his own arrogant and uncivilized style. Akhtar said and regretted that similar reports were coming from Chrarisharief which is represented by Mr Rather who is known for qualities different from Mr Akber Lone’s.


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