Until Hal flutters in our state no one would dare to fiddle with integrity, identity of J & K: Dr Farooq Abdullah



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Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday asserted that people of Jammu & Kashmir are the rightful owners of their land saying until the Hal of party flutters full staff in our state no one would dare to fiddle with the integrity and identity of Kashmir.

NC President Dr Farooq Abdullah with other senior leaders at Beerwah Budgam.

Addressing a public meet at Beerwah, party president said that the flag of National Conference symbolizes the sacrifice of thousands of people who gave their youth for the better future of our state and its people. “The state is fraught with tumultuous times, our special constitutional position has become sore in the eyes of those who are hell-bent to destroy the very fundamentals of our accession with the union. Times has come now to make it clear to such forces as are inimical to our identity that how passionately we feel about our unique identity,” he said.

Dr Farooq while lashing out at BJP-RSS for tarnishing the secular countenance of India said, “Today we are facing such forces in our country that have always shown abhorrence for the inclusiveness of Indian democratic setup.  The forces are pitching one community with another without assuming the far-reaching consequences it.  The constitution of India ensures all its citizenry equal and undaunted basic rights.”

Party president while referring to the sorry tale of minorities in India under BJP rule said, “Today our nation is facing immense hazard in the form of communal strife. We are at crossroads, now it is up to us to decide if India remains secular and progressive in its outlook wherein all the communities thrive and draw their sustenance affably or a country which is tangled with the clutches of communal strife and bigotry.  Now it is up to the people.  The opportunity has come; we should not let it pass by us unutilized.”

Party president while flaying PDP for surrendering states fiscal autonomy said, “In 1996 when I took over as the Chief Minister of the state, sales tax amount was overdue to people. But the situation was such that the people were not in a condition to pay back their dues. Sensing the appalling financial condition of the people, I waived off some amount and doled out well thought-out policy wherein people were told to pay back the sales tax in twenty years time. But now we cannot imagine easing the burden off people’s shoulders all thanks to PDP government who took no time to implement GST in our state. Now if the state government wants to do something on those lines, it has to get permission from the centre. This is what PDP has done.  Whatever was left of our autonomy, they shamelessly surrendered it before the centre for the sake of chair and power.”

“Such were Mufti’s enamoured by the lust of power that they gulped down the insult inflicted by PM Modi on late Mufti Syed publically while addressing a public meet in Srinagar. Had I been there I would have bid goodbye to the coalition and Modi on spot. But that requires moral strength, which time has shown is lacking in PDP.”

“Today, on one hand, there is Gandhi’s India which is all-inclusive and on other hand there are forces, which believe that India belongs to the adherents of only one faith. The world has seen such fascist forces trying their level best to harm the brotherhood and peace before as well in the form of Hitler. Today we are facing modern-day Hitlers and Gobbles. Like Gobbles they thrive on falsehood, lies and mendacious politics.”

In a frontal attack on Modi, Dr Farooq said, “The incumbent Modi government failed on all fronts. However, they saw a way out by masquerading behind the Pulwama Attack. When many CRPF Jawans were devoured upon in Chhattisgarh, PM Modi didn’t go there. The sacrifice of CRPF men in Chhattisgarh didn’t move him, he remained unfazed. Not just that when the bodies of slain CRPF men were brought to Delhi, PM Modi was busy in a shooting. The bodies of slain CRPF were kept in waiting for the tributes which were to be paid by PM Modi.”

“The incumbent government, however, took no time to milk the situation to its full advantage to hide the farmer’s distress, price rise, foreign policy failures, and falling economy. I have not seen such an actor like Modi. His eminence in theatrics has surpassed all actors. He has been doing nothing but lying to people since he took the reins of power. He squandered the mandate of people besides that he spoiled the precious time of nation and its people.  Not to deliver on the promises which he made, he aggravated the situation to an extent which will take years to restore. Every single vital sector of our country is presenting a grimy tale of mis-governance,” he said.

Dr Farooq Abdullah while flaying Amit Shah and Arun Jaitley said that Muslims of the country don’t need certificates from BJP-RSS on their patriotism. “Had we sought to go with Pakistan no power on earth would have barred us from doing that, however Muslims of India chose to live in a secular progressive country.  We are not anti-national, we have given immense sacrifices for the unity of the nation. I have lost many of my party functionaries and workers to the frenzy of conflict. These people don’t see that, but when we raise voice for the restoration of our rights we are being tainted us anti-national.”

Party president said that today we have to vote for securing our identity and integrity. “Our vote will make difference both at centre and at the state level.  The people should avail of this opportunity and send the candidates of NC to Parliament.  In these difficult times we should repose our trust in God, he will salvage us from the tumultuous times we are going through.”

Party vice president Omar Abdullah accompanied the party president to Beerwah. Among others party, general secretary Haji Ali Muhammad Sagar, Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani, treasurer Shammi Oberoi, Chief Spokesperson Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi, Aga Syed Mahmood, Prof. Abdul Majeed Matoo, Dr Muhammad Shafi, Tanvir Sadiq were also present. The leadership asked the people to send Dr Farooq to parliament with a resounding victory.


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