Upholding MCC, BDO suspended for ‘insubordination’ of MLA


Deputy Commissioner Kupwara on Friday placed under suspension Block Development Officer Hirri Qadirabad in the north Kashmir district, a day after audio of his phone conversation with MLA Kupwara, belonging to Peoples Conference, an ally of BJP in the state, went viral on social media.

“Pending enquiry into his conduct, Abdul Majeed Ganie Block Development Officer Hirri Qadirabad is hereby suspended with immediate effect and attached with this office,” reads an order by the Deputy Commissioner Kupwara.

In the audio message, the BDO and the MLA Kupwara Bashir Ahmad Dar are heard having heated argument after the legislator from People Conference headed by Sajjad Gani Lone asked him that he is subordinate to him.

“Hello, you are efficient and well educated that is why I respect you but do not play the National game (referring to National Conference). Listen this is called Kupwara and Bashir Ahmad Dar is its Member Legislative Assembly (MLA) and you are BDO and you are my subordinate,” MLA Kupwara said is heard having to convey to him in the audio.

“BDO is not your subordinate and I am the only subordinate of DC, ADC, and of Director only, and not of MLA. I am respecting and honouring you, being a public representative, you are the Honorable MLA and I am the public servant only,” BDO responds.

The BDO then goes on to request the MLA to “please read the service rules, and according to them I am doing my duty and following it.”

“You read service rules, your DC and Chief Secretary is the subordinate of MLA and you are teaching me the Model Code of Conduct (MCC),” the MLA retorts.

“We cannot violate MCC and we have to remain cautious, as there are strict rules adhered by Election Commission of India,” said BDO. “In the garb of MCC you cannot resort to loot and corruption,” the MLA says. “Sir please do not level such allegations. Please take them back. What kind of loot have I resorted to,” the BDO responds.   “You are taking Rs ten thousand to twenty thousand from people. I cannot let it continue,” the MLA responds. “Do not level such baseless allegations against me,” the BDO responds and then call ends.

Meanwhile, J&K Civil Secretariat Employees Union President Ghulam Rasool Mir condemned the “pressurizing of employees by MLA Kupwara who he said are working in a tough situation.

“Legislators are not bosses to the government servants. Their immediate officers and Chief Secretary are their bosses and every government servant is to bound to reply and obey the orders to the next higher authority, not to the concerned legislature or public representative,” Mir said.

“If any government servant is not following the set standing rules and guidelines, the same needs to brought into the notice of the immediate authority but he cannot be dictated directly by the public preventative and pressurize him,” he said.

If public representative continues to put pressure on the government servant, he said, the whole employees will go on mass casual leave. “We appeal to the Hon’ble Governor and the Chief Secretary to ensure the safety of employees and give them free hand to work as per standing rules and guidelines to serve the general public,” Mir said and demanded immediate revocation of the suspension order.

“If the suspension order will not be revoked forthwith, the employees union will launch the mass agitation,” Mir added. (GNS)


  1. What kind of dessisation DC is taking, I think dc is private servant of MLA Kupwara. We the government servant of any government in India is answerable to our seniors and not public leaders. I support the government servant organization fully and pray to Almighty God for better mental health of all unlawful dessisation making persons.


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