Urs Khwaja Naqshband (RA) Observed With Fervor

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The annual urs of Hazrat Khwaja Naqshband (RA) Sahab was observed with fervor and reverence across Kashmir.

The largest congregation was held at the shrine of Khanqah Naqshbandh sahib where thousands of women, men, and children participated in the prayers.

APHC (M) Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq also paid tributes to the Naqashband sahib and threw light on his contributions towards Islam and his Islamic teachings to bring reforms in the society. He also said that his contribution brought the Islamic awakening to Kashmir.

While addressing the gathering, Mirwaiz expressed serious concern over the continuous deteriorating  political situation in south Asia. He said day in and out increase in the tension between the two nuclear armed nation as India and Pakistan on LOC is clear indication that every effort to stablise relations between the two countries won’t succeed till the basic issue- the issue of Kashmir is not addressed and solved according to the wishes and aspirations of Kashmiri people.

Mirwaiz said that time has come that India should end its past experiments. He said the union should show prudence and seriousness by accepting the reality and take steps to resolve Kashmir dispute instead of trading accusations, troop build-up and increase in tension on the LOC.

APHC Chairman said the death of army men was highly upsetting, but when a Kashmiri is killed than why the Indian opposition, media, and civil society remain silent.  Why these double standards, he said. He said that Kashmiri people were not in favour of war and violence between India and Pakistan and want the resolution of all issues between the two through meaning full dialogue.

Mirwaiz appealed both the countries to show patience and prudence and take serious steps to ease out the tension. He said any such act or effort should be avoided which would led to instability in the south Asia.

APHC Chairman appealed the International community to intermediate between the two countries to ease out the tension between India and Pakistan. He said the international community played its role in Kargil war and once again the time has come that they should play their role to end the tension between the two nations.

He said the international community should persuade both the countries to peacefully solve their problems and take solid steps to solve the Kashmir issue for once and all so that permanent peace arrives in south Asia.


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