Urs Makhdoom Sahab (RA) observed with religious fervour


The Urs of Hazrat Sheikh Hamza Makhdoom (RA), popularly known as Sultan-u-Arifeen, was observed on Saturday at Kohimaran in the city with religious fervour.

Representational image of the shrine of Makhdoom Sahab (RA)

Scores of devotees including women and children thronged at Kohimaran hilltop in which special prayers, salutations, and supplications were held.

On the occasion, religious scholars threw light on the teachings of  Hazrat Sheikh Hamza Maqdoom (RA).  The mystic was instrumental in guiding thousands to the stages of the spiritual domain and had a huge number of followers.

The Urs was celebrated throughout Kashmir valley by organising special prayers at different places in which thousands of people participated. However, the main congregation was held at the shrine of Hazrat Sheikh Makdoom Sahib RA at Kohi-Maran hill, in the downtown here.

Braving chill, thousands of people, including women, attended night-long prayers at Kohi-Maran hill, where adequate arrangements had been made for the devotees. People from different parts of the Valley, including women and children, attended the special prayers. Similar prayers were also held at other places in the Valley.

The whole area in and outside the shrine wore a festive look as several stalls, selling eatables and other articles such as prayer caps and religious books were set up. The most selling eatable is Halwa-Purath.

The saint, popularly known as Makhdoom Sahib or Sultan-ul-Arifeen, is one of the venerated sages of the summer capital and his followers have been paying obeisance at the shrine for more than 440 years now.

Makhdoom Sahib lived in the sixteenth century and was born as Hamza Mukhdoom. He hailed from Tujjar Sharif in Sopore. The sage, however, spent most of his lifetime praying at the mountain where his shrine is currently located. Open source information suggests that the young saint studied in the Shamsi Chak monastery for a year, and later studied jurisprudence, tradition, philosophy, logic, ethics, and mysticism in a madrassa founded by Ismail Kubrawi. In 1576, when he passed away, he was of the age of 82 years.


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