Use of national flag during protest to seek release of ‘rapist’ is an insult, says PDP’s Jammu Gen Secy


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) General Secretary Jammu, Vaid Mahajan on Saturday said that those who used national flag during the protest to seek the release of ‘rapist and murderer’ of Kathua minor girl have insulted the flag and cannot be its well-wishers.

Ved Mahajan, Secretary General PDP, Jammu

Mahajan said that the protest against the arrest of the accused is condemnable. “Those who used national flag during the protest insulted the flag,” he said.

Terming the rape and murder of Kathua minor girl as ‘inhumane’ act, Mahajan said that the culprits involved in it should be dealt with strictly according to the law. “It is an inhumane act and politics should not be played over such kind of issues,” he said.

He said that the people living in Jammu region have always raised their voice against such heinous crimes. Mahajan appealed people not to support those who are involved such inhumane acts.

Mahajan further said that the national flag is our pride and we  should desist from using it as tool to such kind of protests.



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