We have a moral duty to ensure poor Aasifa gets justice to lie in peace in the grave, says NC’s Rana


National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana on Saturday decried “communalization and politicization” of a heinous crime over the rape-and-murder of eight-year-old Aasifa in Kathua.

In a statement, he said these attempts are highly deplorable and against the civilized behavior. “Can politics stoop such lower depths where barbaric act against a girl child falls prey to religious chauvinism”, Rana asked.

NC provincial president Jammu and MLA Devender Singh Rana

He said those spearheading the cause of a criminal or criminals should have vouched for the victim whose agony and wilderness at the time of the commission of the crime might have shaken the heavens.

Rana expressed surprise over illogical and uncalled for protests in support of a criminal, apprehending that these attempts might paralyse the investigation process, leading to the unfortunate situation.

He said the fringe elements should not be allowed to unleash communal agenda under the garb of ultra-nationalism.

“Those aligning or indulging with the reactionary elements to have free run from the crime are actually destroying the social fabric, which could have serious ramifications for the society at large”, he observed and said that taking sides with criminals on the basis of religion will embolden perpetrators of crime and lead to chaotic and uncontrollable situation.

“If it is Aasifa today, it can be anybody tomorrow”, Rana said while invoking the societal response to the dangerous trend being set by frenzy elements, hiding behind the religion.

He cautioned them against vitiating the atmosphere and testing the patience of the silent majority, which does not discriminate innocent children on the basis of religion.

Rana exuded confidence that the society ingrained with the philosophy and ethos of daughters belonging to all will isolate the perpetrators of violence and seek justice for the innocent child.

“It is the moral duty for us all to ensure that poor Aasifa gets justice to lie in peace in the grave”, Rana said, hoping that the investigations set in motion by the Special Investigation Team are expeditiously taken to the logical conclusion and the criminal dealt as per tenets of law.

A criminal is a criminal and crime is a crime

“A criminal is a criminal and crime is a crime”, Rana said, adding that those evoking emotions and giving communal tinge to the Kathua incident were committing a heinous crime against the humanity, which cannot have religious sanction.

He urged the administration to take all necessary steps to instill confidence among the people by going whole-hog against criminals and their sympathizers, whichever religion they belong to.

Pertinently, activists of Hindu Ekta Manch took out a protest rally from Ghagwal to Hiranagar on Thursday in support of the accused.

The protesters were carrying tricolor as they demanded the release of accused SPO Deepak Khajuria.



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