V.K.Singh Blames JK Ministers To Save His ‘Trusted Indian’ Friend Mir: Kamal

KL Report


Castigating former Indian Army Chief for claiming that “paying ministers” was nothing new in J&K and It has been happening since independence, Legislator and National Conference senior leader Dr Shiekh Mustafa Kamal Tuesday said that his ‘irresponsible’ statement created suspicion amoung people that all the National Conference leaders including Omar Abdullah would have taken money from the Army.

“What does V.K.Singh want to prove? I was also a Minister, does it mean that Army was funding me as well. If he claims that Army funds Ministers in Jammu and Kashmir then he should come up with proof,” Kamal told CNS adding that his statement has hurt the sentiments of NC ministers including Chief Minister Omar Abdullah.

Kamal said that as for his information goes no National Conference Minister received any funds from the Army. “In order to save his ‘trusted Indian’ friend Ghulam Hassan Mir, Singh is trying to create confusion by claiming that Army pays Ministers in Jammu and Kashmir since 1947.

He said that V.K.Singh is talking in air and is not having any proof. “If he has proof then he should reveal the names of ministers whom he used to transfer money to make the region stable. The fact is that  V.K.Singh has brought disrepute to the Country and all the evidences goes against him,” Kamal said.

Pertinently, VK Singh Monday claimed that ‘Army transfers money to certain ministers in Jammu and Kashmir because there are various things to be done and ministers have to do so many things as part of the stabilizing factor in the state and for organizing various activities.’


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