Valley reels under darkness, Power Minister blames people

KL Report


Stating that people are responsible for the power mess in Kashmir, Minister for Power and Information, Monday said that until and unless people desist from power thefts, the electricity scenario of the valley will not get better. He also said that the department will soon start a massive drive against the power thefts.

“The total capacity of the receiving stations within the Kashmir division is about 900 to 1000 MW and the department provides the same but unfortunately people do not desist from theft and hooking which is the main hurdle in smooth supply of electricity,” Minister for Power and Information, Vikar Rasool told KNS.

“We have decided to start massive drive against those who are involved in hooking and power theft as government is committed to make every endeavor to improve power scenario in the valley,” he added.

Further explaining the power crises he said, “It is easy to blame the Department for everything but people should realize that they use more electricity than required and waste the power unnecessarily. There are a number of consumers who do not pay their electricity bills. We have decided to cut the supply of such consumers,”.

Urging the people to decrease the huge wastage of power he said that people should forget the habit of wasting the power. “The people waste electricity in a number of forms whether it is putting on more bulbs then required or leaving the electric gadgets on. People should raise less hue and cries over unscheduled cuts and ponder more over the importance of power that gets wasted, there would be less darker days if they realize it,”.

Pertinently a severe electricity crisis has gripped in Srinagar and many areas, compelling people to take to the streets to protest against the power cuts. Every day in the Srinagar city people came out of their homes and agitated on the streets amid long spells of darkness.

Meanwhile a fresh protest was witnessed on Monday against the Power Development Department for failing to maintain the power schedule. According to reports scores of residents of Noor Bagh, Razikadal, Bemina, Qamarwari and Chatabal demonstrated on the streets and blamed PDD for power cut in the areas.


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