People outside J&K fortunate to have free and fair elections: Mehbooba

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Stating that people should celebrate Aam Admi Party (AAP) debut win in Delhi elections, Opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) President Mehbooba Mufti on Monday said that people in rest of the country are fortunate to have free and fair elections.

“I think people should celebrate Arvind Kejriwal’s success. He seems to be very clean and honest person. I am really happy for him that people have voted for him and his party in elections,” she told KNS.

Mehbooba said since 1951, there are very few elections which were held in Jammu and Kashmir without any manipulations and   political maneuvering.  “This way the people in rest of the country are fortunate to have free and fair elections. In Kashmir the National Conference exploits boycott calls by implementing it on ground. Though we believe that boycotting elections is a right of the people but they (NC) can resort to violence to implement the boycott calls for their political interests.”

Referring to the election results of four states including Delhi, MPO, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh the PDP president said people want change in the system of governance. “People are least bothered about the change of guard but what they are interested in is the change in the system of governance and eradication of corruption. People expect every new government to deliver justice and make the institutions strong,” she told KNS.

Mehbooba remarked that unfortunately the institutions of governance in Jammu and Kashmir have been discredited and now time can tell whether the change brought in four states will permeate to this part of the country or not. “There is a general perception and history also is witness to it that there have been over and covert interferences during elections in Jammu and Kashmir. Elections held in 1987 is an instance which can substantiate the whole argument,” the PDP president told KNS.

She appealed people to review the political alternatives available to them on the basis of numbers and performances they have shown in their respective tenures. “We leave it to the wisdom and judgment of people to support the political party which they believe can live up to their expectations,” Mehbooba told KNS.

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