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Jama'at-e-Islami J&K pioneering leadershipThe valley of Kashmir has been turned into a police state where writ of the higher police authorities instead of that of law is going on,” says Jama’at Islami Jammu and Kashmir in a press release Thursday evening.

The spokesman of the Jama’at alleged that “judicial verdicts and legal procedures are flouted blatantly without any least regard for the fundamental human rights.”

“The release orders from the competent judicial or adjudicating authorities are only effective when approved and confirmed by these unruly police authorities,” the statement read.

Quoting example of advocate Zahid Ali, the statement issued read that “no doubt they have the power to arrest any person without a warrant provided they give specific reasons by making speaking orders but they have no powers to reject or frustrate any release order by a competent court or judicial authority in contravention of the procedure established by law and fundamental human rights.”

“The continued illegal detention of Advocate Zahid Ali is one of the glaring examples of the police rule in the valley,” it added.




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