VDC Terrorist Force, Should Be Disbanded Immediately: Malik

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Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik Sunday alleged that Village Defence Committee (VDC) is a terrorist force which should be disbanded immediately.

“World community instead of issuing mere statement of advice should play active role for the resolution of Kashmir dispute,” Malik said while addressing a gathering at Raben Shopion today.

Terming ‘state sponsored unilateral violence’ in whole of Jammu Kashmir especially in Jammu region and Kishtwar as clear terrorism, he said, “The role of VDC in this whole region is very dangerous. VDC is like Ikhwani renegades who killed thousands of men and women at the behest of Indian authorities and forces. VDC likewise has unleashed a reign of terror in this whole area. Today we are told that this force cannot be disbanded. We want convey to rulers that the crimes committed by VDC are enormous and these rulers and their forces cannot separate themselves from the blame of these crimes,” he said.

Malik alleged VDC is armed by Indian forces, financed by the Indian and Kashmiri governments and directed by the rulers. “So how can they act on their own and how can rulers escape from the blame of their crimes? If rulers don’t want to disband this terrorist force, they should give them regular uniform and own them as their regular force, so that their crimes are also recorded,” he added.

The JKLF chairman while condemning the ongoing ‘state sponsored violence’ in Shopian town said that this town has been turned into a battle ground by forces. “People are being terrorized by forces here. Youth of the area are being arrested and elders are being dishonoured. We condemn this brutal attitude of rulers their police and forces in Shopian,” he said.

Malik said that today because of the Jammu Kashmir issue India and Pakistan are in a state of war. “Ceasefire line is burning and people are being killed on both sides. Today we are again witnessing the traditional statements of United States and United Nations advising both India Pakistan to show restrain. We Kashmiris want to ask these countries and institutions, that they have been acting like a school teacher and teaching morals and ethics for last 60 years,” he said.

“Has these advises made any impact so for? Has these teachings yielded any better for the region so far. Has your ignorance on Kashmir and Kashmiris gained any thing except disaster and continued violence? World community once showed this negative attitude in Afghanistan also but failed and are fleeing away from that place today and this attitude of ignorance is bound to fail in this region also,” Malik said.

The JKLF chairman said that Kashmiris have suffered a lot because of this continued ignorance and demand that world community instead of issuing mere statement of advice, should play active role for the resolution of Kashmir dispute. “Kashmir dispute is not a border issue between India and Pakistan but the issue of determination of future of millions of humans living in Kashmir. Therefore asking India and Pakistan to resolve this issue bilaterally is like negating a reality.”

He said that world community, India and Pakistan will have to accept the owner status of Kashmiri’s and as a prime party include them into talks on Kashmir.

Earlier, at his arrival in the area known as Wachi constituency, Malik and his colleagues were warmly welcomed by the people at many places. Women folk in large members came out of their houses to welcome Malik and the caravan.




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