SRINAGAR: Wildlife SOS, a Non-Governmental Organisation associated with rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife, this week rescued a Spectacled Cobra aka Indian Cobra snake from the Habbak area of Srinagar.

Aaliya Mir from Wildlife SOS rescued Cobra

As per Wildlife SOS’s Education Officer and Programme Head Aaliya Mir the cobra is suspected to have reached Srinagar in a cargo truck from Jammu.

“Given its condition, the snake was assumed to be dead but it was very much alive when we examined the animal. We were able to reach on time and revive the animal with appropriate care and medical aid,” Aaliya said, adding, that the snake would now be taken to Jammu and released back into its ideal habitat by the Wildlife Protection Department

The Wildlife SOS, earlier this week, received a call from a local resident of the Habbak area informing about the snake which was spotted on the side of the road near a coal shop.

Upon reaching the location, the NGO’s Rapid Response Unit identified the reptile as a Spectacled Cobra (also known as Indian Cobra), one of the ‘big four’ venomous snakes of India. Measuring approximately two feet in length, the cobra was found in a comatose state.

Without causing any stress to the reptile, the team carefully transferred it into a box. The cobra was kept under the NGO’s observation in order to revive the animal. Once it regained energy, the snake was handed over to the Wildlife Protection Department.

Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-founder and CEO Wildlife SOS said, “There are nearly 60 venomous snake species inhabiting India, out of which the Spectacled cobra falls in the ‘Big 4’ category. Spread across the Indian subcontinent, this species of cobra can be found in a variety of habitats, except in high altitudes ranging over 2,000 metres.”

“While Jammu falls under the distribution range of the cobra, Kashmir does not. We are grateful to the concerned citizen who alerted our team to the urgency, which enabled us to intervene at the right time and save the snake’s life.”

As per Wildlife SOS, the Spectacled cobra raises its characteristic hood when threatened or provoked while also producing a hissing sound. “The snake frequently ventures into plantation fields and urban areas to seek prey and shelter but its primary preferences are holes, hollows and mounds where an abundance of rats can be found. The Indian Cobra is listed under Schedule II of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.”


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