Verbal Clashes In Assembly Over Reservations In Panchayat

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A day after the debate over the Panchayat related issues concluded, Jammu parties including the Panthers Party and the rival factions of the BJP, forced a ruckus on the house by seeking reservations for backward classes and the females. Panthers lawmakers actually led the flock to the well of the house to disrupt the overall functioning of the assembly.

Lawmakers were agitating over the failure of the government in managing reservations for the women and the backward classes which, they said, are a blatant violation of the constitution of the state. They ridiculed the Congress party for making an issue out of the 73rd amendment in the Pamchayat related law and eventually surrendering before the National Conferenec.

Speaker M A Lone repeatedly requited the PP-BJP combine that they should wait for the Panchayat Raj minister to reach the house so that he could respond to the specific issue being raised. But they did not listen and continued raising anti colaition slogans.

Apparently, it made chief minister angry who strparted responding to the issues being raised. “When we started holding elections for the panchayats, we did not kept any reservations for any class anywhere across the state,” Omar said, “At that time, neither of you opened your mouth and now you are agitating it unneceassrily simply because you wanted to play to the galleries.” This led to a fierce exchange of words between Harsh Dev Singh and Omar Abdullah.

The crisis settled finally when Congress lawmaker Ghulam Ahmad Mir intervened saying that Congress has not made any major shift. “We saying the same language within and outside the assembly and we already were satisfied with the response of minister in charge Ali Mohammad Sagar who said the spirit of the particular amendment would be envisaged in the state law,” Mir said.

Congress has stopped insisting on 73rd amendment after Rahul Gandhi’s Kashmir visit during shi he said Congress can not force NC to adopt the particular amendment. However, a section of the Congress has started creating a new issue that they will skip participation in the block development council elections if the twin amendments are not incorporated. But insiders said it will not impact the process that has already started with the issuance of the notificatio, last week.

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