Vested Interests Trying To Malign Me: Saroori

KL Report


Senior Congress Leader and former Minister G M Saroori Tuesday accused vested interests for maligning his image.

“Vested interests initially tried to implicate me falsely and when I came clear under the ambit of laws, they again tried to harm me in one or the other way, as they are well aware that I am not a yes man and do not fall under influences,” the MLA Inderwal said while addressing a press conference here at his residence in Kishtwar.

“I am representing the people irrespective of their caste, creed, and religion and people have reposed faith in me all the time,” he said, adding, “I cannot dodge them. I exposed all those whose policies, and agenda which is anti people and bereft their basic rights. I have stood all the time for their welfare and will do the same in future. People judge the things via performances not by false and airy promises.”

“To gag my voice for the poor and innocents they are trying to use various machineries and tactics to falsely implicate me and started a propaganda to malign my image which I will never allow to do them at any cost because the voices are true, clear, and for the benefit of whole society irrespective of any cast and creed. For their utter frustration the people are aware and well versed and knowledgeable and have the power and will to thwart their mollified anti people intentions at any cost,” he said, adding, “I am not afraid of such people, whose anti people approach has harm the society and the truth has itself exposed their ill intentioned designs. They think they will gag my true, genuine, pro-people voice-then they are living in fool paradise. I am first accountable to Allah and then to people. In democracy, you cannot use fascism and try to gag the truth which ultimately prevails.”

He also warned such elements to stop stooping so low for their uttermost work for people as such vested acts and interests have already exposed them. “For them I will say “Look who is talking”?

He further mentioned that the Food security bill is also needed in State like Jammu and Kashmir which is beset with poverty. The Food security ordinance is there now it is to be passed in parliament. After passing the ordinance, the same bill needs immediate implementation in J&K as well, as it can benefit below poverty line (BPL) people. Poverty line needed to redefine practically as urban yardstick can’t be applied in rural and rustic areas.”

Saroori also urged the government and civil administration to increase patrolling in rural area to check and curb the fear psychosis unleashed by miscreants in the whole district.


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