Violence against Kashmiri Students ‘larger sinister design’


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Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba Jammu and Kashmir (IJTJK) has expresses grave concern over the recurrent incidents of violence against Kashmiri students in educational institutions across India.

“IJT sees all such coordinated incidents as part of larger sinister design to shoo away Kashmiri Muslim students from seeking higher education and excel in educational career, an IJT statement said on Tuesday.

“The recent incident of brutal thrashing of Kashmiri students at Global Research Institute for Management and Technology in Yamna Nagar Haryana is part of that larger anti-Kashmir agenda,” the statement added.

IJT has called the incident is “shameful act” and calls for severe condemnation. “IJT views with concern this policy of persecution and harassment and vehemently condemns murderous assault on Kashmiri students,” the statement said.

IJT has demanded that Kashmiri students studying in Indian universities be provided with adequate security and the elements behind such acts be brought to book so that a sense of security prevails among them.


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