Violence is not the answer whether it’s Middle East or Ireland: Wani

KL Report


While reacting to the statement of Chairman Democratic Party Nationalist (DPN) and Agriculture Minister Ghulam Hassan Mir, the National Conference Wednesday said that violence is not the answer and whether it is the Middle East or Ireland, dialogue is the only solution.

“Ireland has shown that even long-drawn-out violence can have a peaceful negotiated settlement, it is a suggestion not rhetoric that some imagination should be applied to accommodate conflicting aspirations with hard realities,” National conference provincial president Nasir Aslam Wani said in a statement.

“Development is no doubt the prime agenda of this government and it has done what all is required to achieve that objective. This can be seen all over the state,” he added.

Reiterating that the political aspirations of the people are also required to be satisfied, the Provincial president said that this government will take all the steps and look at all the options available for a lasting peace for the people of the state.

Stating that peace and stability are the foundations for development and basic ingredients for economic development in the state and for that matter any place in the world Nasir suggested, “We could look to other examples in the world where people have addressed vexing political differences and a troubled relationships and history of conflict through rational, creative problem-solving that accommodates aspirations while appreciating hard realities is not rhetoric.”

“The responsibility of political leaders is not to say what cannot or should not be discussed but to say what can and should be discussed,” said Wani adding “Economics and politics go hand in hand and cannot be substitutes for each other.”

“Political leaders should believe that there is no issue that cannot be resolved by dialogue and political imagination. That is the basis of politics and if somebody doesn’t believe in politics, they should quit,” he added.


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