Violent Clashes Hit North Kashmir, Srinagar Peaceful


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Though the authorities lifted curfew and restrictions from the valley, sporadic and spontaneous clashes hit most parts of the north Kashmir on Saturday morning. The protesters are demanding the release of those arrested in the last six or seven days. Police and forces used tears smoke shells in Baramulla, Sopore, Dalina, Pattan, Sangrama and Mazhama during fresh clashes.

In Mazehama village on Srinagar Gulmarag highway, hundreds of people came on the road and started protesting against the continuous arrest of youth who were taken into custody during last few days. “The restrictions have been lifted, OK, but what about those who were taken into custody during raids or who were produced by the parents themselves before police because they were asked to do so, all these youngsters are still in police stations, so we want their immediate release,” said Manzoor Ahmad, who’s younger brother is in the police custody.

The police and forces swung into action to restore the Srinagar Gulmarag highway resulting in violent clashes in the area. Forces used tear smoke shells to disperse the mob.

Violent clashes stormed the north towns of Sopore and Baramulla as well. In Baramulla protesters and forces are engaged in ding dong battles at a number of places while as Sopore witnessed massive protest demonstrations. Forces fired countless shells to disperse the protesters.

Reports of protests have also reached from Sangrama and Pattan towns. According to the reports most parts of the north Kashmir are observing complete shutdown against the arrests, raids and alleged ransacking by the hands of police and CRPF.

In Beerwah shutters came down and traffic was disturbed when stone pelting started in the town against the alleged police atrocities in the area.

Meanwhile, Srinagar city and south Kashmir has started its normal life after six days of curfew, restrictions and shutdown.



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