Vote for Dr Farooq means endorsement of his irresponsible utterances: Karra

KL Report


Senior Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader and the party candidate for Central Kashmir parliamentary seat, Tariq Hameed Karra Thursday said that the vote for Dr Farooq Abdullah will mean endorsement of his ideas, style of working and his irresponsible utterances and people need to understand it and vote for PDP which has a clear agenda for Jammu & Kashmir and its people, aparty statement said.

Addressing public meetings at Brenwar, Surasyar, Dadompora and Sogam in the Charar-e-Sharif constituency Karra said that the parliamentary elections will provide people a chance to elect those candidates who will forcefully and responsibly put forward their economic and political issues in the parliament unlike the National Conference which has always been playing a flip-flop role vis-à-vis Kashmir issue.

“NC has always worked against the interests of people and the state through its sell-outs, U-turns and treachery and they are now again asking for votes, he said.

 Karra said instead of salvaging dignity, honor and lost glory of the people, both Dr Farooq Abdullah and chief minister, Omar Abdullah is denigrating Kashmiris every now and then, in different forums both in and outside the state. “Omar Abdullah has been calling the youth as drug addicts, criminals, LeT elements, stone-pelters and now Dr Farooq Abdullah has crossed all limits of decency and glory of Kashmiriyat by calling all of us ‘Maha Chors’ (Big Thieves), though people know it well who the biggest thieves are.”

 The statement quoting Karra said, “had not the NC traded the natural resources of J&K for chair, Kashmiris would not have been facing severe power crisis. Farooq Abdullah has been keeping mum over the sufferings of people though he has been talking about other states like Andra Pradesh, Assam, Punjab etc., but when it comes to his own state, he would finish it in one liner: ‘Kashmiryon Ko Goli Maro’ (Kill Kashmiris by bullets). He said if the NC leadership is still voted that simply is the endorsement of their acts, ideas and irresponsible utterance.”

Karra said besides being represented by the current finance minister, Abdul Rahim Rather, the Charar-e-Sharif constituency even sans basic facilities which speaks about the seriousness of the NC leadership about the people’s problems.


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