Judge us on the basis of our Performance in the Parliament: Dr. Mehboob Beg to voters

KL Report


Senior National Conference Leader Dr. Mehboob Beg while addressing a rally at Arhama, Shopian appealed people to inquire about the performance of the NC Parliamentarians objectively and judge them based on the fact that they have performed their duties with exemplary dedication and commitment at the Centre, a party statement said.

Beg, who is NC-Congress Lok Sabha candidate from South Kashmir, asked the people to proactively seek information about his performance and compare that to the dismal and lackluster performance of Mehbooba Mufti as his predecessor. “National Conference leaders as parliamentarians have always spoken resolutely about the rights, grievances and sentiments of the people of this State. The same Mehbooba Mufti who is waxing eloquent about representing Kashmiris in the Parliament had on one instance expressed her apparent helplessness and alleged futility of speaking up for her own people in the Parliament. This blatant and brazen hypocrisy is a trademark of PDP and the party would be well advised to respect the intelligence and integrity of the electorate before making rhetorical, hollow statements that defy its own track-record in the State,” he said.

Beg said that a cursory comparison between the utilization and dispensation of MP funds between his tenure as MP during the last five years and that of Mehbooba Mufti would be sufficient to expose the lies and fabrications of PDP. “As the Member of Parliament representing the people of Anantnag in the Lok Sabha, I have done justice to the faith reposed in me by my party leadership and the people who I represent with utmost humility and dedication.”

 Stating that he personally endeavoured to ensure that the people of Shopian don’t continue to suffer due to lack of diagnostic infrastructure at the Shopian District Hospital, Beg said that today the people of Shopian don’t have to travel to Srinagar for basic diagnostic tests as he prioritized the utilization of MP funds for this purpose. “This is a fact that the people of Shopian have benefited from and Mehbooba Mufti should know that the welfare of the people depends on performance, not on press notes.”

Mehboob Beg pledged to continue serving the people and asked them to ensure the victory of the coalition candidates to secure the secular fabric of our State and the entire nation.


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