Vote me to represent ‘suppressed’ Kashmiris in Parliament: Er Rasheed 


Awami Itihaad Party (AIP) president on Sunday asked the people of Kupwara to vote for AIP in the upcoming parliamentary election for the restoration of dignity, honour and rights of people of J&K.

The spokesman said that Rasheed lashed out at NC, PDP and PC and asked people to rise to the occasion and discharge their duties by taking a decision of their conscience and reject all those who are equal stakeholders in destroying Kashmir.

Er Rashed addressing a gathering at Chinar Park in Handwara tehsil of Kupwara district on March 24, 2019

Quoting Rasheed, the spokesman said; “my ten years in the state assembly are like an open book and masses must make a difference between friends and the foes. While NC is trying to create a fear psychosis among Kashmiris by discussing BJP’s hyper-nationalism, PC is dividing Kashmiris into ethnic and sectarian lines to gain votes. Both PDP and PC need not forget that they are partners in crime and have been coalition partners of BJP.”

Rasheed added it looks strange that all the three parties are now trying to show sympathy with the Kashmiris and are leaving no chance to abuse Delhi, whom they have been encouraging and facilitating behind the curtains to destroy self-respect of Kashmiris.

He said “Whether it is banning of Jamat-I-Islami or JKLF, or harassing Mirwaiz and others, NC and PDP are the real architects of all these conspiracies. People need not to forget that at the time of much talked grand alliance to form government NC and PDP were never sincere as they had an understanding with New Delhi to continue with the Governor’s rule so that the special status of state is eroded and pro-resistance voices are suppressed without involving NC, PDP or PC in the entire dirty show.”

Rashed further said that this parliamentary election will be a cross check to the sincerity, commitment, conviction and political will of Kashmiris who have been crying in every nook and corner and blaming NC, PDP and PC as the mother of all evils and are holding them responsible for the sufferings of Kashmiris. Let people decide whether they want to support proxies of New Delhi and agents of extremist forces or want Er Rasheed to represent them in the parliament without getting succumbed to the compulsions and self-interests.

Rasheed accused successive governments of ignoring Kupwara district and using people of Kupwara as just a vote bank. He said “Those claiming to be savers of Kupwara should answer if BJP could create a separate division for Ladakh region why couldn’t Handwara get a district. While Late Mufti’s regime ignored Kupwara on every front, Omer Abdullah’s six years were no way different. The promises of getting a medical college, university campus, four-lane road, railway link, a tunnel for Karnah and maternity hospital proved nothing except false promises and a tool of exploiting sentiments of people of Kupwara.”


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