Voting Rights to WPRs? ‘Open Violation of J&K Constitution,’ Hurriyat (g) says



Out rightly rejecting the recommendation of Indian parliamentary committee regarding “assigning voting rights to West Pakistan refugees” in the state assembly, All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) Monday said that granting permanent citizenship rights to the West Pakistan refugees is “clear and open violation” of the state constitution and the state laws and “this kind of move is a direct attack on the special status and disputed nature of the Jammu & Kashmir”.

Suggesting the settlement of these refugees in Haryana, UP or any other state of India, Hurriyat Conference (g) cautioned, “any attempt by the state government to settle the WPRs in Jammu & Kashmir will have serious consequences and the Hurriyat Conference will oppose this move in every possible ways and will protest against this.”

Hurriyat Conference (g) Spokesperson, Ayaz Akbar, said, “the West Pakistan Refugees are the citizens of India and it is very unfair to suggest their settlement in the disputed territory of Jammu & Kashmir and it does not have any constitutional or legal justification. India has a vast area and the refugees can be settled anywhere in this country. Contrary to that Jammu & Kashmir is an internationally acknowledged disputed territory and it is a very small area in comparison to India so the recommendations of the Indian Parliamentary Committee with regarding to the WPRs are in no way any reasonable and sensible views.” “These recommendations reflect the imperialistic mind set of India according to which, this country has illegally occupied the state of Jammu & Kashmir with the help of its military might and had forcibly snatched the freedom rights of the Kashmiri people. Hurriyat Conference cautions that any attempt to settle the WPRs in the state will disturb the peace and law and order of the state and it will increase the political uncertainty and instability in the state,” he said.


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