Power Tariff Disparity: ‘Power Minister Doesn’t Belong to One Region Alone’



National Conference on Monday lashed out at the PDP-BJP Government of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed over “proof of disparity” between power tariffs charged between the two provinces of the State and said this was “unacceptable and extremely unfortunate”.

NC Chief Spokesperson said, “the Power Minister favouring Jammu region over Kashmir region was unbecoming of his office and violated his constitutional duties towards the people of this State.”

“As exposed by a leading local daily, it has become evident that the PDP-BJP Government is not only depriving the people of Kashmir of bare minimum electricity supply during harsh winter months but is also charging them rupees seven hundred more on an average than is being charged of consumers in Jammu. If this is the change that Mufti Sahab promised than one can only express grief and sorrow over the state of affairs. It seems like Mufti Sahab has sold his voice and with that the right of the people to have electricity – all of it just to remain in the Chief Minister’s chair,” NC Chief Spokesperson said in a party statement.

The NC Chief Spokesperson said both Provinces of the State should be “treated at par and there should be no sense or semblance of regional disparity”. “This Government is clearly trying hard to further fuel the perception of regional disparity in the State, which has started to exhibit itself in incidents of violence and hate crimes. The Chief Minister is completely silent or worst yet complicit in all of this,” he added.

“The power crisis in the Valley is unprecedented. People are struggling and shivering in biting cold. The Valley is reeling under darkness and now we all know why. We might have a Power Minister who is invested in favouring one region over another,” the NC Chief Spokesperson added.


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