Wamiq Farooq Case: ‘Trial a Mere Eyewash,’ says MDM



A separatist group Wednesday evening expressed solidarity with the parents of Wamiq Farooq who was killed in 2010 uprising.

Incarcerated Muhammad Qasim Faktoo led Muslim Deeni Mahaz (MDM) said, “Wamiq was killed barbarically five years ago that had led to an exemplary reaction from entire Kashmir and almost 125 youth were martyred in the ensuing situation. The parents of Wamiq and other martyred kids went through a lot in the past 5 years.”

Paying tributes to parents of Wamiq Farooq and other slain youth for their steadfastness, MDM chief organiser, Zeeshan Rafiq, in a party statement said, “the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir still feel their pain. The killers of Wamiq are yet to be brought to justice. The continuous efforts to get them bailed shows the fact that the trial is a mere eyewash. The Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir never believed in the judicial system of India. To keep a hope of justice from them is like hoping for fruits from a log of dead wood. This system facilitates the freedom of killers were as the innocent people are incarcerated under baseless charges.”


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