Was Naik Martyred for Being a PDP Supporter, asks Rasheed



Locals protest in Kapran area of Verinag after an elderly died post amr raid. (KL Image: Shah Hilal)
Locals protest in Kapran area of Verinag after an elderly died post amr raid. (KL Image: Shah Hilal)

Independent legislator and Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) chief, Er Rasheed Saturday asked New Delhi to revisit its policies towards Kashmir, come out of media phobia and see Kashmir problem in its real prospective.

“New Delhi has intensified its uncontrolled moral, physical and psychological fight against Kashmiris as is evident from what is happening in against Kashmiris from Jodhpur Dental College to Kapran Verinag and from Martyr’s graveyard at Pulwama to Muslim Dhabas in Sunderbani,” an AIP statement quoted Rasheed as having told his party workers in Srinagar said.

“If government of India could become even itself part of propaganda against Kashmiris over NIT issue, why doesn’t it respond to the high handedness of army and other agencies who vandalised martyr’s graveyard at Karimabad Pulwama. To show disrespect towards dead is something that no civilised society can tolerate and in fact the act speaks of the fact that how much security forces hate Kashmiris even after killing them in encounters,” he said.

“Why not these army personnel should be taken to task who during darkness of the night entered the house of Abdul Gani Naik of Halmulla and killed him through torture. Was it the reward given to him for being a PDP worker and let the unbiased Indians decide who is oppressor and who is the victim?” Rasheed asked.

“May any patriotic Indian ask: is thrashing and beating Kashmiri students in Jodhpur an act of shame or fame for Indians. May RSS justify its shameful way of celebrating Navratra in Sunderbani by vandalising the Muslim Dhabas in presence of Police and throw cooked meat out on roads,” he added.

Rasheed further said, “as if all this was not enough, government issued an order to snatch the livelihood of thousands of quarry owners in the state and rather encouraging these skilled labourers, hidden hands in bureaucracy are keen bent to prevent them from extracting sand, bajri and stones and other material by laying out the stupid norms which are impossible to be fulfilled.”

“I have brought the crucial matter of Quarry owners in the notice of Chief Minister and requested her to use her influence to abrogate the controversial SRO,” he added.


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