Water dispute leads to ‘NC-PDP fight’


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Severe clashes broke out between two groups in North Kashmir’s Sonawari area on Wednesday, reports said.

Reports reaching Kashmir Life said that Gund-Jahangir area of Sonawari is facing shortage of drinking water from some days as the electricity generator at a local water-pump shed is out of order and everyday government water tankers fetch water to the area.

“Likewise, this forenoon some five tankers of water were supplied to the area,” one of the locals said.

He added, “when people saw water tankers coming, everyone fought to get water first which ensued in to a battle between NC and PDP supporters.”

But Ab Rashid Shaikh, identifying himself as a PDP sympathizer alleged, “our Sarpanch took three water tankers to his home and directed one of the tankers to his relatives.”

The locals of the area said that when people saw the ‘scenes’ being created by the Sarpanch, they objected. Rashid said that the accused Sarpanch belongs to ruling National Conference.

“We asked him about water and the tanks,” one of the locals said. “But his son came out of his home and behaved very rudely which angered villagers.”

Thereafter, the locals said, the situation turned ugly with the supporters of one group fighting with supporters of another.

“Many people were injured and police had to be pressed in,” another local informed.

The PDP supporters said that they filed complaint against the NC Sarpanch and his men ahead of NC registering against them but police put their men in custody.

He identified them as Abdul Hamid Wani, Abdul Razak Bhat and Zahoor Ahmad Bhat all PDP supporters.

Despite repeated attempts, NC Sarpanch could be contacted.

PDP workers said that about two hundred people were outside Police station Hajin last night demanding release of their men. “We reached home at around 3 in the morning in the dead of the night,” Rashid said adding, “We got our men released.”

Early Thursday morning Police Spokesperson told Kashmir Life, “We received two FIRs from two parties; however, no one was arrested.”

He added, “Two-three persons were in police station but they were given First Aid and then sent to their homes.” “Situation is normal.”


  1. After personally met with the PHE employee namely Khurshed Ahmad, he said that when we were going to supply water to the residents of Gundjahageer, some PDP workers refused to take the water as asking they would not like to take water from water tankers as these tankers are meant to be arranged by NC Sarpanch and they can’t torrelate it at any cost …. KARaja 09858001101


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