‘We don’t get pleased over death of any human being’, Says Hurriyat (G)

KL Report


Reacting sharply against “negative propaganda” of the different TV channels against Geelani and terming the “venomous and hateful propaganda” a “well planed conspiracy”, the general secretary of Hurriyat Conference Ghulam Nabi Sumji cautioned that if any untoward incident happened with the Geelani in New Delhi, “all responsibility would be on those news channels who are making hue and cry over a recent press statement.”

“Hurriyat Conference doesn’t get pleased over the death of any human being but it is our standing policy that the loss of precious human lives going on in Jammu & Kashmir is the result of the rigid and stubborn approach of the Indian government and the unrealistic attitude of India is proving to be the basic reason for the disharmony and instability in this region,” Sumji said.

“On 29 January Thursday reporters and cameramen of the many TV channels arrived at the temporary residence of Geelani sahib in Delhi and despite his refusal some of them forcibly entered in his house. Their purpose although was to interview the Geelani sahib about a press statement but their attitude was very aggressive and they were looking like a gathering of the RSS workers rather than the media persons. Geelani sahib although refused to talk to them but they remained unmoved outside his residence till the evening and harassed him and his family members. Their behavior was very offensive and they were talking in a different tone which was in no way looking as a journalistic language,” Sumji alleged.

He said that the debate which was telecast on different news channels on Thursday evening in this regard was “full of negative propaganda and in a well planed manner a provocative atmosphere was tried to create in Delhi so that the communal forces will get tip off it.”

“Some baseless and false allegations were also leveled against his family in these programs and his family will think over the legal action against them,” he said.

The Hurriyat (G) general secretary said there is nothing new into the recent press statement and it was a routine statement.


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