We Don’t Interfere In Kashmir, Acknowledge The Legitimate Institutions: Germany

Shah Abbas


Acknowledging the legitimate institutions of Kashmir, Germany said that it was not ready to take position on Kashmir that is seen as interference. Berlin only concentrates on the issues of economy, prosperity and development.

This was stated by German Ambassador in New Delhi, Michael Steiner, while delivering a lecture in Kashmir University on Tuesday. “We acknowledge the legitimate institutions of Kashmir,” Michael said.

One time very active on the European Union platform and frequently meeting separatists, Germany now is not interfering in Kashmir. “We do not interfere in Kashmir,” Michael said adding “We do not make politics for the sake of politics.”

However, Michael said that German has not changed its position on Kashmir. “German position on Kashmir is not changed, we would not take a position that is seen an interference, we concentrate on issues of economy, prosperity and human development,” he said.

Praising Kashmiri people he said that Kashmiris are very serious people. “We can do business with Kashmiris, we can work together, Kashmiris travel a lot,” said the German ambassador.

When asked about the missing tourists among which one was a German, he refused to comment. “I will not comment on this issue as no Indian will comment on the German issue in Berlin,” Michael said.

When asked about the number of Kashmiris who have sought asylum in Gremany, since last two and a half decades, a champion of liberal democracy, refused to comment.

Michael said, “We do not encourage brain drain, we believe in brain circulation, Kashmir needs minds with globalized experience.”


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