Incumbent Langate lawmaker Engineer Rasheed on Tuesday condemned the killings of Amarnath Yatris and sought a probe into the incident.

“I seek an impartial and time bound probe into the incident so that the facts related to tragic incident are made public,” he said.

Er Rasheed. KL File Image

Rasheed in a statement apprehended that like many incidents including the one at Chattisinghpora, July 10 attack may also remain a “mystery”, unless government discharges its duties to probe the incident.

He added that it is necessary to probe the incident so as to uncover the mysteries as militant outfits denied their involvement.

Rasheed was addressing a function organized to pay tributes to noted poet and scholar late Ali Mohammad Shahbaz at Handwara.

Rasheed told Indian media and politicians that Kashmiris don’t need lessons of non-violence and Kashmiryat from those who have “martyred one lac Kashmiris during last 27 years”.

“Those killing Muslims in the name of cows should not give sermons to Kashmiris asking them to condemn the attack.”

Rasheed said, “Believing in religious harmony in our genes. Every Kashmiri condemns the brutal act and being themselves the victims of violence can feel the pain of bereaved families far better than those calling Kashmiris radicals and Wahabis from their TV studios and cozy rooms.”

“May one ask what Kashmiris can do and nothing is in their hands and from an ordinary police cop to Indian Prime Minister, nobody cares about them and hurts them on and often,” he said.

Kashmirs have a right to know that if lacs of soldiers have been deployed to give protection to Amarnath yatris, how can state run away from the responsibility of its failure to achieve the goal of protecting Yatris.

“There are dozens of examples when Kashmiris have not only helped Yatris but also given them shelter in their localities and always shown great respect towards the Yatra”.



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