‘We have not Given You Mandate to Decide our Future,’ Hurriyat (g) tells Dr Singh



Dr Jitendra Singh Rana
Dr Jitendra Singh Rana

All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) Saturday said that Kashmir can “never become the integral part of India” by passing resolutions in the parliament and “nor can be the freedom sentiments of the Kashmiri nation be suppressed in this way”.

Hurriyat Conference (g) was reacting to the statement of MoS in PMO leader Dr Jitender Singh. It termed his statement as “untrue and baseless”

Singh said that the Indian parliament in 1994 had passed a resolution regarding Kashmir, so it is now the integral part of India.

“The disputed status of the Kashmir is supported by strong legal evidence and proofs and the integral part theory of Mr Singh is just a hypothesis which has no historical background,” spokesperson of the Hurriyat amalgam said.

“The illegal and forced military occupation of India over Kashmir has no moral and constitutional justifications and nor had the Kashmiris accepted this forced occupation. No matter what Indian government says and whatever are their claims on Kashmir the real stakeholders of Kashmir issue are its people and they haven’t given any such mandate to Mr Jitender Singh or anybody else that he will decide their future without knowing their will,” the spokesperson added terming the statement of BJP leader as “childish and ridiculous”

“One sided decisions have no values in the conflicts and by this way we can’t solve any issue. These kinds of actions and statements can satisfy Dr Jitender Singh and other Bhajapa (BJP) leaders but by this way they can neither address the wishes and aspirations of the Kashmiri people and nor can they deny them their birth and basic rights,” the Hurriyat spokesperson said.

“The statement of Mr Singh is falsification and incorrect that Pakistan had forcibly occupied one part of Kashmir. It is like putting their blame on others and this way India can’t justify its forced occupation in Kashmir,” it said, “Pakistan hadn’t occupied that part of Kashmir but it is the people of that particular part who fought the cruel Dogra forces and liberated this region and Pakistan had never opposed the Right to Self Determination of the Kashmiri people instead this country is a strong supporter of this right.”

While rejecting the remarks of Singh regarding the presence of pro-freedom people in the Pakistan High Commission office in New Delhi, Hurriyat Conference (g) spokesperson said, “there is nothing provocative or unrealistic about the issue. The disputed nature of Kashmir and Pakistan as an important party to this dispute is a Himalayan reality and this fact can in no way be denied.”

“Pakistan is although a supporter of the freedom struggle of Kashmiris so the presence of Hurriyat leaders at the Pakistan High Commission office will continue in the future too and nobody including Mr Jitender Singh can stop this process. The pro-freedom people do not go secretly to Pakistan High Commission office or in the darkness of the night but they go there in the broad day light and whatever they act or say there, they put it in press. Mr Singh should ask his leader Mr Narendra Modi that why did they send their party spokesperson to the function and why didn’t he raise this issue with the Commission office there.”

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