We may or may not form government with BJP; PDP

KL Report


Clouds of uncertainty continue to hover on the much awaited government formation in Jammu and Kashmir, as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Saturday asserted that it may or may not enter into the coalition as deal was subjected to the matter of agreement on conditions set by them.

Talking to KNS PDP Chief Spokesperson Naeem Akhter said, “We may or may not make the government with BJP as the core issues that Party will focus with the BJP during the structured dialogue will be taken seriously and the government formation will be subjected to the matter of agreement set by them.

He said the issues which will be discussed with the BJP during the Structured Dialogue are with Pakistan, ensuring peace in Jammu and Kashmir, addressing internal dimensions, AFSPA, return of power projects, employment for youth. Before reaching into any agreement with the BJP these issues will be the focus of the party.

It is to mention here that after hectic ‘informal’ deliberations, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) have finally agreed to enter into the structured dialogue from Monday.

The PDP and the BJP have been in talks and are reportedly close to a deal on forming a coalition government. There were indications that all they were waiting for was the Delhi assembly elections process to get through before announcing the details.

It is not clear how the two sides will reach an understanding on key issues such as Article 370 (which the BJP wants to abrogate) and the partial rollback of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act and talks with Pakistan which the PDP is keen on.


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