Kashmir Finalises Preparations For Indo-Pak Match

Tasavur Mushtaq


SOUTH AFRICA CRICKET TWENTY20 WORLDSThe evenings in winter are deserted in valley as people prefer to reach home early and remain confined to four walls of home. This Saturday, the scene was different. Huddled on every corner of streets were people irrespective of age and discussing the hot topic-India vs Pakistan cricket match which is scheduled for Sunday morning. Being the world cup match makes it more interesting. Right from team selection to shot selection, everybody here is expert in his own way.

The first requisite to watch the match is lucky set this time as the day is Sunday. But the other things have kept people on tenterhooks.

According to reports right from Saturday morning till late evening cable operators were busy in checking the connections in every locality. Muhammad Shafi, a local cable operator told Kashmir Life that he had geared his men to check for possible faults and do the needful. “I told my boys to set things right so that people don’t get irritated.” Shafi further said that in past he has been the victim when at the peak of match connection was lost.

Not only cable operators, locals in their respective areas are also assisting boys to fix the problem. “We are on toes, one to give good service and also to watch match peacefully,” said Amir who work with local cable operator.

Feeling the heat, Power Development Department seems also to be under pressure for their regular shutdown schedule. The areas which come under power cut till 1pm demanded to have uninterrupted supply as at least for tomorrow. “Let them meticulously follow their schedule, but please spare for tomorrow,” Ahmad, a resident of Old city told Kashmir Life. Not taking fate of supply into consideration, the linemen of PDD also inspected the supply wires and electric poles.

Not to take chance with electricity, many from susceptible areas have shifted to places where supply is believed to be better. This in a way also gave people reason to stay together and enjoy the game. Reports emanating also suggest that people preferred to have generators on rent. The otherwise dull winter thus gave a good earning to the owners.

Abdul Majeed, a driver by profession and resident of old city preferred to stay in his office at Lal Chowk.  Khan, a die hard fan of Pakistan is glued to Television and busy in watching the analysis of two teams. Khan this time is hopeful of Pakistan win as he believes that like “Kejriwal Magic, Pakistan will sweep the game.”


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