We will not allow Kashmir to become Israel: ISL

KL Report

Islamic Students League (ISL) in a seminar Sunday strongly opposed the ‘Israeli-style settlements for Kashmiri Hindus and illegal settlers in Jammu planned by the Indian state and its mercenaries in Kashmir.’

In his address, the new President of ISL Sheikh Musaib stated that all the migrants of Jammu Kashmi irrespective of their faith should be allowed to return.

“Whether it be the 20 Lac Muslims of Jammu, who were forced to flee in 1947, or the 4 Lac Kashmiri Pandits, all should be allowed to return,” Musaib said.

He said that attempting to settle 14 Lakh illegal Hindu settlers in Jammu on the excuse of humanitarian ground is a facade and deception with an aim to change the demography of Jammu Kashmir and the majoritarian role of Kashmiris. “We have no objection to the return of those who went away from Kashmir. But if the rogue elements in the Pandit community who are waging a propaganda war against us are allowed to return to Kashmir, then we will not allow this to happen at any cost,” the ISL president said.
Musaib said the return of ‘propagandists’ will not be allowed even if the leader of any status in Kashmir supports them. “We will still oppose their return no matter who supports them. We will not allow Kashmir to become another Israel,” he said. Shakeel Bakshi, the patron of ISL, also attended the seminar.


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