We Will Rebuild,Rehabilitate And Overcome: Dr Farooq

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NC Patron Dr Farooq Abdullah     File Photo
NC Patron Dr Farooq Abdullah File Photo

National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah has expressed grief, shock and sorrow at the enormous loss of lives and property caused by the unprecedented floods that devastated hundreds of villages in Jammu and Kashmir Provinces, marooned most of Srinagar and resulted in hundreds and thousands of people having been stranded and displaced.

Dr Farooq Abdullah has extended his heartfelt condolences to the families of those who lost their lives and expressed his sympathy and solidarity with those who were rendered homeless or displaced due to the havoc caused by the floods.

According to the statement, Dr Farooq has also expressed grave concern at the incomprehensible damage caused to residential houses and public infrastructure throughout the State. Hailing the role played by the brave Youth of Kashmir in rescue and relief operations, Dr. Farooq Abdullah has said that the youth of J&K have risen to the occasion in these testing times by demonstrating an indomitable spirit of empathy and service. “There are thousands of stories where the youth of Kashmir have shown their mettle by coming to the rescue of people by risking their own lives. I salute our youth and their courage and have no doubt in my mind that the same courage and spirit of service will help J&K recover and reclaim a normality that has been snatched from us”, Dr. Farooq said.

Dr. Farooq Abdullah has also hailed the emergency services rendered by the State Administration despite the challenges raised due to a collapse in telecommunication, road-connectivity and inundated offices and control rooms that were set up. “Numerous political leaders, Ministers, legislators and senior officers were separated from their own families and little children and were working in isolation due to the devastation of the communications network due to the floods.

Despite this, they work heroically in isolation in whatever corner of the State they were confined to by the floods. I am certain the State Government will continue to put the needs of the people first and will continue to work on a war-footing until the last citizen of J&K is rehabilitated to his or her home. I assure the people that National Conference – our leaders, Minister, contesting candidates, officer bearers and activists will leave no stone unturned to help them till help is needed. We will not rest until this tragedy and its devastation is behind us”, Dr. Farooq Abdullah added.

Dr. Farooq Abdullah has also thanked the Army, Air Force and NDRF for their commendable and valiant rescue and relief operations in the State and urged the Central Government to redouble all efforts in the aftermath of the devastating floods. “A lot of work needs to be done now. While the rescue operations conclude, we have a mountain of challenges ahead of us now. We need to give food, clothes and shelter to those who have been rendered homeless and this gains urgency in view of the approaching cold season.

The State Government has asked for a comprehensive assessment of the damages to private and publicproperty in every nook and corner of the State and will do everything necessary to rebuild the State and serve those in need”, Dr. Farooq said.

The National Conference Party President has also asked all party workers and leaders to coordinate elaborate relief and rehabilitation efforts through the party’s offices and District Headquarters. “I am certain our Legislators and Parliamentarians will wholeheartedly donate to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund and will continue to lead relief and rehabilitation efforts in their respective areas on a war-footing.” “All Senior National Conference leaders, Ministers, Legislators, Contesting Candidates and Activists have been at the disposal of people in various areas of the State and will continue to lead coordinated efforts of recovery and rehabilitation” Dr. Farooq added. 


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