by Muhammad Nadeem

Illustration: Jamal Khurshid

We Will See…

And it’s certain that

We Will See…

The Day, Which Has Been Promised

Written, In the Eternal Tablet

We Will See…

The Tyrant Mountains of Injustice

Like Flakes of Cotton, Will Scatter In Vain

The Earth Will Shake

Under The Feet of Oppressed Folks

And The Thunder Will Rumble

On The Fortune of Tyrant Oppressors…

We Will See…

From the House of the Earth’s God,

All the Idols Will Be Discarded

We, the Pure, the Faithful-

Repulsed From the Holy Land,

Will Be Situated At Places High

The Crowns Will Be Thrashed

The Thrones- Smashed Down.

Only Allah’s Name Will Survive

Who Is Unseen, Yet Knows All

Who Is Present, and Sees All

The Roar “I Am Truth” Will Rise

Which I, Am. And You Are Too

And God’s People Will Rule

Which I, Am. And You Are Too

We Will See…

It Is Inevitable!

We Too Will See,

We Will See…!

(The poem is the translation of Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s famous Ghazal HUM DEKHAINGE . Muhammad Nadeem hails from Batamaloo. He has has done Bachelors in English and Psychology from Amar Singh College and is currently pursuing MFA in Creative Writing)


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