Wearing of Helmet Compulsory for Pillion Rider



Traffic Police are going to launch special drive in the State for enforcing helmet laws for the two-wheelers strictly. Even the pillion rider of two-wheeler would be required to wear helmet. Violation would result in imposition of fine under relevant section of Motor Vehicles Act.

In a communiqué issued by Traffic Headquarters in Jammu on Saturday, it has been disclosed that traffic police have conducted special drives for enforcing helmet rules in the State and during last six months more than 72,000 violators were booked for non-wearing helmet. It has been observed that despite booking of large number of violators has not been strict compliance of the traffic rules relating to wearing of helmet by the riders of two-wheelers.

The communiqué further reads that the bikers, at times, wear helmet just to skip penalty, upon seeing the traffic cops. Pillion in any case do not wear the helmet at all which has been causing loss of precious lives due to fatal accidents.

Committee of Supreme Court on Road Safety has recently given directions that in case where law relating to use of helmet is violated by either the main rider or the pillion rider then they should both be subject to Road Safety Education and Counselling for not less than two hours before imposition of fine.

During the drive for enforcing helmet laws, therefore, the Traffic Police after intercepting a two-wheeler with the main rider or the pillion rider without helmet then both the main rider and the pillion rider shall be subject to Road Safety Education and Counselling for not less than two hours before imposition of fine as prescribed in the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

During the drive Traffic Police shall also be strictly checking the driving licence of the drivers of the two-wheelers. If without a Driving licence, the driver shall not be allowed to drive the two-wheeler. The two-wheeler shall be handed over only to a person duly authorized by the owner of the vehicle, having a valid Driving license, failing which the vehicle shall be seized u/s 207 of the motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Traffic Headquarters has also issued instructions that in case a person having a Learner’s Licence is driving the two-wheeler with a pillion rider who is without a valid driving licence then the main rider (driver) should be booked under section 3/181 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 read with Rule 3 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1988.


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