Weather Gets Romantic In Jammu

KL Report


As massive rains are lashing Jammu, the winter capital, the temperature has gone down and people have reopened their winter wardrobes. Most of the city stays indoors as roads are mostly deserted, especially in the uptown belts.

At one point of time, it was pitch dark in the afternoon for almost half an hour.

The rains have inundated most of the roads but a better drainage set up is not impacting movement, by and large.

The secretariat and most of the departments linked with law, parliamentary affairs ministry, and the Chief Minister’s office are functioning. The assembly was in session but a number of lawmakers returned home early.

Jammu being an industrious city is religiously observing holidays especially Sunday when people stay off their jobs. But owing to weather conditions, the small section of population that usually is around is not seen outdoors.

The highway to Srinagar is closed and not-so-many passengers stranded in the city are putting up with relatives and the hotels.


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